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This anthology embodies Robert Pinsky's dedication to find America's liked poems, his distinct venture as Poet Laureate of the U.S.. the choices during this anthology have been selected from the non-public letters of hundreds of thousands of american citizens who spoke back to Robert Pinsky's invitation to write down to him approximately their favourite poems. a few poems are stories valuable within the brain due to the fact adolescence; a few crystallize the eagerness of affection or keep in mind the path of loss and sorrow. The poems and poets during this anthology--from Sappho to Lorca, from Shakespeare and Chaucer to Gwendolyn Brooks, Louise Glck, and Allen Ginsberg--are poems to be learn aloud and memorized, poems to be celebrated as a part of our nation's cultural inheritance. Accompanying the poems are reviews via those that converse no longer as expert critics yet as passionate readers of varied a long time, professions and areas. This anthology, in a way in contrast to the other, discloses the wealthy and full of life presence of poetry in American existence on the millennium and offers a portrait of the U.S. throughout the lens of poetry. the favourite Poem undertaking is an professional a part of the Bicentennial social gathering of the Library of Congress and the White apartment Millennium Council.

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