American Power After 9 11 by Marvin L. Astrada

By Marvin L. Astrada

In a post-Cold struggle, post-9/11 international, the arrival folks international supremacy ended in the install, perpetuation, and dissemination of an Absolutist safeguard schedule (ASA).  The ASA explicitly and aggressively articulates US nationwide defense as worldwide security:  because the cave in of the USSR and the 11th of September terrorist assaults, the united states has sought to unilaterally outline, enforce, and deal with systemic safeguard coverage. This paintings hence probes the conceptual and empirical parts, dynamics, and consequentialness of the ASA on worldwide safety coverage and the procedure of states by means of using serious research of the ASA vis-?-vis safeguard, terror, proliferation, legislation, and rogue states.

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S. ”16 The event of 9/11 has enabled the United States to moralize its security policy, to objectively interpret “facts” and “threats,” and to frame security in moralistic and ethical terms. S. “struggle” against enemies of peace and freedom is therefore presented as a righteous campaign to bring freedom, peace, and stability to the world. S. S. power, thereby fomenting global insecurity. The contest between the objective embodiment of goodness and truth (the United States) versus objective, unadulterated “evil” (rogue states, ubiquitous terror) creates a binary, precarious, and constricted universe of international thought, action, and possibility.

ASA] is that an effective power is and must be a power which knows the objects upon which it is exercised . . 13 The United States is constantly making statements as to the content and character of international security in a post-9/11 world. S. morality, ideology, politics, economy, ideals, and power in the new global context that has emerged? S. ASA treats such statements as unconditionally true. Yet a statement is “a function of existence that properly belongs to the signs and on the basis of which one may decide .

33 Indeed, from its founding until the present, the United States has always envisioned itself playing a profound role in the history of all nations: there is a messianic, hegemonic, and imperialist continuity between the Monroe Doctrine (1823), Wilsonian international liberalism (early 1900s), the Truman Doctrine (1947), the Regan Doctrine (1980s), G. H. W. Bush’s New World Order (1990s), and the G. W. Bush Doctrine (2001–2008), to name a few significant exemplars. S. S. has assumed that its power, values, politics, economic philosophy, and culture truly comprise the “end of history” (F.

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