Alveolar Distraction Osteogenesis: ArchWise Appliance and by Nejat Erverdi, Melih Motro

By Nejat Erverdi, Melih Motro

This e-book describes a brand new approach to alveolar distraction osteogenesis that provides very important benefits and will be used for the therapy of varied orthopedic abnormalities and congenital malformations. specific tips is supplied on number of sufferers compatible for alveolar distraction, together with people with cleft lip and palate, skeletal classification II malocclusions and cystic lesions concerning the alveolus. All features of therapy utilizing the ArchWise distraction equipment are then coated, together with technical instruction, surgical set-up and osteotomies, docking web site surgical procedure, orthodontic completing, implant placement and prosthetic restorations. appropriate info can also be incorporated at the ideas of distraction osteogenesis and bone histology and caliber after the method. The booklet concludes with important case displays protecting diversified eventualities within which ArchWise distraction of alveolar bone is appropriate.

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1 mm and less than 1 mm, and again the interfragmentary strain is less than 2 %, the bone formed originates from the marrow cells, and is called gap healing. In this type of healing, the site is filled by intramembranous bone formation without the This most commonly seen fracture healing form consists of both endochondral and intramembranous bone healing (Gerstenfeld et al. 2006; Marsell and Einhorn 2011). It occurs in four consecutive phases after the impact causing the fracture: (1) hematoma formation–inflammation, (2) soft callus, (3) hard callus, and (4) remodeling.

In severe cases with wide oronasal fistula, the usual approach is covering the gap with buccal, labial mucosal flaps or tongue flaps (Nakakita and Utsugi 1990; Argamaso 1990; Diah et al. 2007). However, tongue flaps may not always be very successful. Some complications, such as flap failure, bleeding, swelling, pain, infection, hematoma, contour deformities, temporary loss of tongue sensation, gustatory changes, requirement for a two-stage or three-stage procedures, and in rare cases, partial or total necrosis of flap can be observed (Elyassi et al.

43 Evaluation of Our Work . . . . . . . . . . . 44 References . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 The main aim in the treatment of cleft lip and palate cases is to achieve labial, palatal, velopharyngeal closure, a balanced profile, harmonic facial appearance, and a good occlusion (Eppley and Sadove 2000; Phua and de Chalain 2008; Cheung and Chua 2006; Jackson et al. 2004; Williams et al. 2001). Most of the time, these goals are accomplished in the early ages.

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Alveolar Distraction Osteogenesis: ArchWise Appliance and by Nejat Erverdi, Melih Motro
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