All-Embracing Manufacturing: Roadmap System by Gideon Halevi

By Gideon Halevi

All-embracing production is a process that goals to dissolve the complexity of the producing strategy and repair the inherent simplicity. It claims that construction is particularly basic and versatile via nature. despite the fact that, the complexity is end result of the the construction method method which makes it inflexible and for this reason complex.

All-embracing production introduces flexibility to construction making plans, it removes constraints, bottlenecks, and disruptions instantly whereas it restores the simplicity. No choice is made sooner than time, yet basically on the time of execution. It introduces know-how as dominant a part of production. it's a laptop orientated approach that imitates human habit i.e. essentially as any folks behave in day-by-day own life.

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If this reduction is not sufficient, a reduction in depth of cut will take place (in the case of milling, an attempt to change tool diameter and/or number of teeth will be made before splitting the depth of cut). As the cutting speed is a function of depth of cut and feed rate, the basic cutting speed is recomputed before checking the available cutting speeds (RPM). If the required RPM exceeds the available one, it is reduced to the maximum available RPM. Based on the modified depth of cut, feed rate, and cutting speed, the required power is computed.

However, the cutting forces are a major factor in computing the torque and power requirements, which must be adjusted to those of a specific resource. 28 2 Process Planning: Routing Computation of the adjusted cutting force (F) depends on how the basic cutting force was established. f2=f1/0:75 where F2 D the adjusted cutting force, F1 D the basic cutting force, a2 D the adjusted depth of cut, a1 D the basic depth of cut, f2 D the adjusted feed rate, and f1 D the basic feed rate. If an expert did not specify the cutting force, it may be computed for turning operations by the following equation or any other equation chosen by the user.

88 Alternative 1—provide max production Alternative 22—provide min cost Alternative 9—provide max profit Alternative 3—provide min investment Alternative 13—provide years for ROI Alternative 8—provide quantity for ROI Which one of the routings is “best” for production and management planning??? 2 Using “Best” Routing for Maximum Production Using the “best” routing for maximum production optimization will result in the shortest throughput. The term “optimized routing” is somewhat misleading. A routine based on criteria of optimization of maximum production actually means that the time to produce the item, as a standalone, is minimum.

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All-Embracing Manufacturing: Roadmap System by Gideon Halevi
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