Advanced drilling solutions : lessons from the FSU. Volume 2 by Yakov Gelfgat, Mikhail Gelfgat, Yuri Lopatin

By Yakov Gelfgat, Mikhail Gelfgat, Yuri Lopatin

Presents certain descriptions and case experiences of the various applied sciences built and usual in Russia. There are directional drilling, deep and ultra-deep good building, underbalanced drilling, rotary-turbine drills, underreamers, and retractable drill bits.

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811. 6 days) compared to 4230 m/rig-month for vertical wells drilled during nine months in 1967 in the Ust-Balyk field. 1–drillbit 2–bit stabilizer 3–nipple sub 4–driven shaft 5–bearings 6–bearing housing 7–hinged joint 8–bent sub 9–turbine section 10–top sub with landing knives The results of drilling these cluster wells proved the possibility of successful utilization of the cluster well drilling method to develop the entire field (Tables 4–5a and 4–5b and Fig. 4–10a, 4–10b, and 4–10c). Fig. qxd 4/28/03 10:39 AM Page 22 ADVANCED DRILLING SOLUTIONS LESSONS FROM THE FORMER SOVIET UNION TABLE 4–5a First Cluster of Directional Wells Drilled at Ust-Balyk Oilfield, West Siberia (trajectory) Borehole Length Well ## Kickoff Magnetic Inclination Bottomhole Point, Azimuth Offset, m m Degree, Project Actual Project Actual 771 772 811 812 773 390 454 440 834 976 375 519 422 865 1040 1511 516 130 100 100 97 7 248 292 341 100 4 247 289 343 Built-up Angle, deg-min Project Actual 22°30' 18° 17° 24° 27° 34° 21° 17° 26°30' 34°15' Tangent Section, Section, m m 211 91 170 215 405 508 1653 1930 2012 1935 Length TVD, m Ext.

One end of the cable is connected to the MWD downhole sensors located in a container (15) above the downhole mud motor (16), and the other end of the cable is reeled on a special winch drum (17) connected to the output register (Fig. 4–16a). The system description above shows the possible use of cable MWD, but it is clear that a wireless MWD is preferred. A sealing element (18) is installed at the lower end of the drillstring (5). The annular preventer (19) is connected to the tee (13). This ensures pressurizing the annular space between the casing string (11) and the drillstring (5) (Fig.

4. The cluster well drilling method had less impact on the environment and complied with environmental regulations owing to a smaller soil contamination area, less deforestation, and less tundra vegetation damage in the permafrost conditions. 5. , higher weight on bit, rotational speed, and mud circulating rate to achieve better drilling results compared to the mobile drilling rigs used to develop vertical wells. qxd 4/28/03 10:39 AM Page 26 ADVANCED DRILLING SOLUTIONS LESSONS FROM THE FSU TABLE 4–6 The Costs of Preparatory, Rigging-Up and Rigging-Down Works When Drilling Vertical and Directional Wells (Rubles 1972) Number Average of Wells Cost of in the One Well Cluster Drilling 0 10 20 60 59 900 68 423 72 783 94 615 Overrun of the Capital Investments per Cluster – 85 229 257 660 2 083 000 The Costs of Preparatory, Rigging-Up and -Down Works Directional Vertical Wells Wells – 91 968 183 936 551 808 – 459 840 873 696 2 759 040 Average Cost of One Well Drilling with Accounting of Preparatory Rigging-Up and -Down Works Directional Vertical Wells Wells – 77 620 82 464 186 583 – 105 884 105 884 105 884 Balance of Well Costs – -28 264 -22 420 +80 699 This last advantage prompted development of the BU-3000EUK and BU2500EUK special drilling rigs for cluster well drilling.

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Advanced drilling solutions : lessons from the FSU. Volume 2 by Yakov Gelfgat, Mikhail Gelfgat, Yuri Lopatin
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