A People and a Nation: Volume I to 1877 by Mary Beth Norton, Jane Kamensky, Carol Sheriff, David W.

By Mary Beth Norton, Jane Kamensky, Carol Sheriff, David W. Blight, Howard Chudacoff

A humans and a country deals a lively narrative that demanding situations scholars to contemplate American historical past. The authors' cognizance to race and racial identification and their inclusion of daily humans and pop culture brings background to existence, attractive scholar readers and inspiring them to visualize what existence was once rather like long ago. The 8th variation deals hugely readable tales and the newest scholarship all through.

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The Spaniards came to Tenochtitlán not only with horses and steel weapons but also with smallpox, bringing an epidemic that had begun on Hispaniola. The disease peaked in 1520, fatally weakening Tenochtitlán’s defenders. “It spread over the people as great destruction,” as elderly Aztec later remembered. “Some it quite covered [with pustules] on all parts—their faces, their heads, their breasts. . There was great havoc. ” Largely as a consequence, Tenochtitlán surrendered in 1521, and the Spaniards built Mexico City on its site.

That island city became Tenochtitlán, the center of a rigidly stratified society composed of hereditary classes of warriors, merchants, priests, common folk, and slaves. The Aztecs conquered their neighbors, forcing them to pay tribute in textiles, gold, foodstuffs, and human beings who could be sacrificed to Huitzilopochtli. They also engaged in ritual combat, known as flowery wars, to obtain further sacrificial victims. The war god’s taste for blood was not easily quenched. In the Aztec year Ten Rabbit (1502), at the coronation of Motecuhzoma II (the Spaniards could not pronounce his name correctly, so they called him Montezuma), thousands of people were sacrificed by having their still-beating hearts torn from their bodies.

The major deities of agricultural peoples Religion like the Pueblos and Muskogeans were associated with cultivation, and their chief festivals centered on planting and harvest. The most important gods of hunters like those living on the Great Plains and Prairies were associated with animals, and their major festivals were related to hunting. A band’s economy and women’s role in it helped to determine women’s potential as religious leaders. Women held the most prominent positions in those agricultural societies in which they were also the chief food producers, whereas in hunting societies men took the lead in religious as well as political affairs.

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A People and a Nation: Volume I to 1877 by Mary Beth Norton, Jane Kamensky, Carol Sheriff, David W.
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