A Commentary on the Epistles of Peter and Jude by J. N. D. Kelly

By J. N. D. Kelly

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I. ) that 'those whom he foreknew he also predestined . . And those whom he predestined he also called*. (For God's predestination to disaster, see on ii. ) In so doing God reveals Himself in His true character as Father, a title which here stresses not only His role as Creator but also the love by which He calls His own. Thus the Christians addressed in the letter, and Christians in every age, owe their membership of the redeemed community, not to any act of choice they have made themselves, but wholly to God's gracious providence.

Is an appendix added either because news of an intensive outbreak of persecution has suddenly reached the author, or as an alternative version for the benefit of certain communities which are in the thick of actual persecution. Behind these conjectures lies the conviction shared by most editors that it has * no definite plan or logical evolution of a train of thought' (C. Bigg). We should like to maintain that it is, and always has been, a genuine unity, with a single consistent message, and was written as a real letter to the churches named in the address.

Secondly, the argument has largely consisted of weighing probabilities, and if our assessment of the crucial issues had been slightly different the balance would have tilted in the other direction. For example, we have argued that it is much more likely that i Peter and the Pauline letters drew independently on common material than that the former borrowed from the latter; but 'much more likely* is not equivalent to 'certain1. The alternative view remains a possibility; and if we decide that it is even in some degree correct, and further agree with many scholars that Ephesians is postPauline, the Petrine case is proportionately weakened.

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A Commentary on the Epistles of Peter and Jude by J. N. D. Kelly
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