2095 by Jon Scieszka

By Jon Scieszka

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A set of methods, stunts, and puzzles that discover the houses of water, air, friction, warmth, movement, gentle, and extra. comprises index


Liam has regularly felt similar to he is caught among worlds. this is often basically simply because he is a twelve-year-old child who appears like he is approximately thirty. occasionally it isn't so undesirable, like whilst his new imperative errors him for a instructor at the first day of college or while he convinces a motor vehicle broker to permit him take a Porsche out on a attempt force.

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Only in this room. Your job is to play the way children from the 1990s might have played. Down the hall it’s 2025. Then we have the 2045 room, the Swinging 2060s, and the 2075 room. ” Fred, Sam, and I looked at each other. We were a hundred years in the future, standing in a museum exhibit of a hundred years past. ” said Fred. “That shouldn’t be too hard for some people I know,” said Sam. Director Green handed me a book from the shelf. “Why don’t you pretend you are scanning this. It’s called a book.

Right. Now we’ll go in and look at the exhibits that show how people lived from 1890 up to 1990. Take a look and think about what things have changed in a hundred years. Stay together. You can either take notes for your worksheet or write out the complete answers as we go. Questions? ” The whole mob of us trailed behind Mr. Chester. We stopped at the 1890s room. There was an old-fashioned phone on the desk, big round glass lamps, and one of those record players with a hand crank that you see in history books.

Oh,” said Director Green. ” And the minute she said the word, it was like someone had waved a magic wand over her. “These books are amazing! ” Director Green swung on an imaginary vine. ” She swung a two-handed blow at the desk and chair. ” She gave a pretty good pirate’s Yaaarrr! “But the strangest thing happened today. I found a book in the collection that I had never seen before. ” Director Green reached into a pocket in her gown and pulled out a thin blue book with twisting silver designs.

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2095 by Jon Scieszka
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