1000 Poems from the Manyoshu: The Complete Nippon Gakujutsu by Anonymous

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Relationship from the 8th century and past, the Manyoshu is the oldest jap poetry anthology. The 1,000 poems selected for this well-known choice have been selected by way of a exclusive scholarly committee in keeping with their poetic excellence, their position in revealing the japanese nationwide spirit and personality, and their cultural and ancient significance.  textual content is in English in simple terms.

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There were national feasts and communal feasts and those observed by individual households. Of the national feasts the most important were those held to pray for good crops and to give thanks for harvest, as was qUlte natural with an agricultural country like Japan. The first took place in spring, in the second month of the year, and the latter in autumn after the harvest. On the latter occasion the emperor himself offered new rice to the gods, after which he himself partook of it. ' On the following day, at the palace, the court nobles and officials were invited to a grand banquet of Tqyo-no-akari (Nos.

Carrying sword, spear, or shield, or shouldering a quiver and grasping a birchwood bow, they went to meet their foe m the field. All was for their lord and sovereign. It was not only among the educated or the higher classes that this sentiment of loyalty to the Throne prevailed. Let us once more turn to the poems of frontier-guards (Nos. ). These young men, taken out of their lowly cottages in Eastland, bravely set forth for the far island of K yushii, leaving behind them their beloved parents, their wives and their sweethearts-who clung to them, 'even as the creeping bean-vine clings to the wild rosc:-bush by the wayside ' (No.

Though we tread the rocks,' lvii says he,' let's walk, the two of us, together! '(Nos. 871-4). There was one sentiment which demanded, when the occasion arrived, a willing sacrifice of all these personal affections, no matter how dear, and of which the nobles and peasants were always deeply aware. This supreme devotion was due to the sovereign, under whose rule Tabito at the Dazaifu was content to say : ' In Yamato or here in this far province, I feel ever the same' (No. 381). 'At the dread Sovereign's word,' the embassies to China defied storms and went 'whither his royal ships took them' (No.

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1000 Poems from the Manyoshu: The Complete Nippon Gakujutsu by Anonymous
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