100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet by Anna Claybourne

By Anna Claybourne

Packed choked with examples of the main disgusting and repulsive issues at the planet.

The revolting and engaging publication is packed to the brim with disgusting, gross, and repulsive issues absolute to entice readers of every age. The content material is split right into a variety of different types, from offensive animals, crops, and different creatures to meals, innovations, and naturally, a variety of revolting human physique bits resembling snot, scabs, and earwax. each one web page has a Yuck issue ranking and outline, in addition to pictures and illustrations. Sidebars contain additional gross information and tips.

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DiD you know? in some old artwork, you can see vultures flocking to battlefields to feast on dead bodies. 33 faCto yuCkdIsgustIng stinky The fulmar chick’s squirty, most slime makes it one of the net. disgusting birds on the pla You’re a fearless wildlife explorer, scaling a windblown coastal crag to photograph wild sea birds in their cliff-top nests. You reach the top and find yourself face-to-face with a white, fluffy fulmar chick. Ahhh. Cute! But suddenly – SPLAT! The chick squirts slimy, oily, orangeyyellow, fishy-smelling vomit from its stomach right into your eyes and mouth.

It’s very difficult to get rid of eyelash mites, and even if you do, they just come back. So don’t worry about them! This is an eyelash mite, magnified. The mite’s rear end anchors itself in the hair follicle. youÕ ll get theM the older you get, the more likely you are to have eyelash mites. they spread from one person to another when peopleÕ s faces touch. 52 dIsgustIng nature tiCk You’re walking in a forest when you notice something small and round stuck to your leg. A tick! Like mosquitoes, lice, and lots of other creepy-crawlies, ticks like to bite you and suck your blood.

The “pitcher” parts of the plant have very slippery edges. When an animal steps onto them, it slips inside, into a deep vat of deadly liquefying chemicals. The slime around the rim, along with grooves or downward-pointing hairs inside the pitcher, make it almost impossible for trapped animals to climb back out. meat-eating monsters Some pitcher plants grow big enough to hold more than 3 litres (5 pt) of liquid, and can trap and kill animals, such as frogs, large spiders, and even mice and rats.

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