1,000 Inventions and Discoveries by DK


From making fireplace to development the instruments of the twenty first century, discover the tales at the back of the amazing principles and units that experience formed our global in 1,000 innovations and Discoveries.

This revised and up to date version brings this complete evaluate of humanity's maximum principles brand new. suggestions in technological know-how, house, know-how, transportation, drugs, arithmetic, and language are coated, besides a timeline of heritage highlighting all innovations and discoveries from the airbag to DNA, lie detectors to hormones, and funds to the indicators of the zodiac. characteristic packing containers delve into the main points of the lives of Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein and extra, whereas outstanding photographs and archive fabrics deliver their achievements to life.

Covering over three million years of principles, 1,000 innovations and Discoveries will amaze and encourage a love of heritage in kids.

Supports the typical middle country Standards.

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Coded correspondence c410 bc T he first secret messages were exchanged by the Spartan army chiefs of ancient Greece, using a tapered rod called a scytale. They wound a strip of leather around the rod, then wrote on the leather. When unwrapped, the strip displayed a meaningless jumble, but catapult The catapult was still used as a weapon in the Middle Ages. It was useful if there was time to get it into place and the target was easy to hit. A giant statue of the Greek god Zeus is completed by Phidias.

They were similar to what we would now call moccasins – single pieces of soft leather drawn up around the ankles with a rawhide thong. At about the same time, the Minoans of Crete were stepping into calflength boots for winter wear. c 1600 bc A scribe in Egypt prepares a new edition of a 1500year-old medical manual. The – 500 bc years before the trumpet really began to develop into the musical instrument that is played today. Armor c1500 bC c1100 bC trumpet is any kind of tube that you sound by squeezing air into it through your lips.

In about 1100 bc, Chinese soldiers were wearing armor made from layers of rhinoceros hide. By 800 bc, Greek warriors were wearing substantial bronze helmets, metal shin guards, and bronze items called cuirasses, which totally covered their chest. Marks show the approximate time Clepsydra didgeridoo, made from a eucalyptus branch, produces a deep droning sound. 5 m) long. bc Trumpet A TrumpeT The Australian 3,000,000 c1500 bC T he Egyptians usually told the time from the Sun, but were also using a clock called a clepsydra by about 1500 bc.

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